Loquax Newsletters

Loquax has two different newsletters - the main one that is predominantly about competitions and a bingo one that brings you news from that area of our business. Each of our newsletters aims to bring you the latest news and offers as well as any important Loquax information. We're of the mind that your inbox is precious and therefore only aim to send you an email shot once per week, per newsletter subscription.

Loquax Newsletter
Bingo Newsletter

Loquax's Competitions Newsletter

The Loquax Weekly Newsletter provides you with a summary of the best competitions and site news. We include details of bingo promos and special offers too. All new users are automatically subscribed.

Loquax's Bingo Newsletter

Our bingo newsletter, for Bingo Blog, Prize Bingo, Penny Bingo and Bingo Loquax, brings you news of the latest bingo promotions as well as free bingo offers and competitions. We aim to send this one out at least once a week.

I'm subscribed but don't get your email

In recent months we have experienced problems getting our email to some users, especially those using AOL and Hotmail. If you've not received a newsletter for sometime make sure it's not being redirected to your 'junk' folder. Don't forget you can still read our newsletters via the archives.

Does Loquax sell my details?

Loquax does not sell your details to anyone nor do we buy data! We only send newsletters to people who have requested them after visiting us!

Will I get spam from Loquax

We won't bombard you with emails either - on average you will get just one per week per newsletter.

I want to change my email address

To change your email address we advise that you unsubscribe your old one and then subscribe again with your new one.

You send me emails and I'm not a user

Being registered with Loquax is independent to our newsletters. You may be registered and opt not to receive our newsletter and vice versa.